Blackhat Google Adwords Trick – Find Exact Searches Number

Some guys were emailing me lately asking about the blackhat software i mentioned in my Link Farm Evolution Review. Well there will be some delays but i hope it will be released by the end of april and will change your idea of link posting tools.
Anyways this time instead of review i will show you a neat trick that will teach you how to find exact searches of keyword in Google by using Adwords. We will use Googles tool to find out Googles hidden secrets. Aint that fun?
Why exact number of keyword searches are important ?
If you have this information about niche you know how much really worth is each keyword and why its better to spend more time seoing 1 keyword instead of another. You can say that usual google tools can show you search amount.. well sorry its not true, Google is hiding this keyword searches information due to obvious purposes.

blackhat keyword tricks

Google Adwords

What will we need for keyword research
Actually not much, my free google keywords parser and a working Adwords account. Sorry this is Adwords trick 😉 Lets get to work.
Find exact searches number in Google
1. Choose your niche main keyword
2. Put it in google keyword parser
3. Take the list it gave and make campaign in Adwords like this.

As keywords we give all our keywords for google found with the blackhat tool. Make sure to use [exact match] so we have good results of searches.
We also put a crazy CPC on the campaign like 10$ per click or whatever currency you are using in google adwords.

>Find exact searches number

Blackhat Google Adwords

Now we need to make the ads itself. The secret here is to make the mtotally irrelevant. If your niceh is buy viagra, we make ads about buy dolls for your children. Mainly we want the ad to show up on each search and not be clicked [so we dont waste money].
After we are setup, we wait around 24h. Then we just multiply the number.
By this neat blackhat adwords keyword trick wit ha bit of testing [some niches wont show up, will be blocked etc] you can know which keywords for google are really golden. That means you can waste less time on unimportant stuff and go for the gold keywords right away.
People on blackhat mailing list got a bit more information than is here publicly. But still you should be able to understand the basics.

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9 thoughts on “Blackhat Google Adwords Trick – Find Exact Searches Number

  1. So…is the high bid so that google displays your ad on every search for that term? Does anything other than bid affect wether or not it is displayed every time? Like maybe CTR or Quality score? I don’t know and tht is why I am asking.

  2. ctr doesnt matter for this case.
    the quality score matters a bit – i gave some extra tips on getting it a bit higher for people on mailing list, because indeed with the 0/10 rate you will not get viewd even with 10$ bids. high bid alone can make the rate higher btw.

  3. Well, great ideas! I know that the external keyword tool gives really skewed results. People are trying to build autoblogs based on faulty numbers and then they wonder why they are making 10 cents a day. There are plenty of adwords vouchers floating around right now, so it’s a good time to open an adwords account and try this out.

  4. good idea with this vouchers!
    i have to say i found this blog not long ago and its already bookmarked.. this is really one of best resources without bullshit talk. love what u doing iglow!

  5. Please don’t stop writing. Your posts are first quality. I’d like to meet with you some time…If it would be possible 😉

  6. Come on dude!! This tip is definitely NOT blackhat and it is so old – Profit Lance was teaching it years ago. It’s a simple test on adwords to see if a keyword has any traffic before you start building a site.

    Just because you don’t want to get any clicks on your ads (because you are simply measuring impressions) doesn’t make it remotely black hat.

  7. i dont think we will be fighting here over definitions nor go to any semantic ‘fights’ over if its black or grey hat?

    anyways im posting your comment as i respect all opinions of readers.

  8. Personally, I think Google is certain to get the actual parasites beyond things and we’ll just about all end up being good

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