Link Farm Evolution Review

Allright time for Link Farm Evolution review.. You guys know me. If i review something it means its worth it. Lets go!

What is Link Farm Evolution ?
Ever wonder hot to make blog link farm? Now you have LFE blackhat seo tool to do it for you! Everything goes smooth, fast and what matters most – AUTOMATED!

This is plain simple and brilliant [that usually goes together nahmean?] tool for creating massive linkfarms on freehosts. What does that mean ? It means that with a few clicks of your mouse by using Link Farm Evolution you can have blogs automatically made on WordPress MU [multi user] hostings, Tumblr, Blogspot and post your articles/comments on a big bunch of Pligg sites [this system i dont use, so cant elaborate more]. There is over 3k spots to register blogs at in database and you are able of adding your own ones. [hint: inrul:/wp-signup.php].
So..yep within a day you can have huge blog link farm of your own that you will be able to use for future seo development in many ways.

Link Farm Evolution Blackhat Tool

Link Farm Evolution Screenshot

Dont even think of typing in any captchas or filling in any forms – everything is done here automatically by software. With fresh purchase you get 3k captcha credit, after you finish it [and not all wpmu hosts need captcha!] you can simply buy more for 5$ and 10$.

Okay i have the 2000 blogs on 2000 hosts what now ?

Now a good idea would be to post on them. Again everything happends within 2-3 clicks of a mouse. Choose blogs you want to generate content, hooks [if you know php you can also create your own ones] like [flickr(‘Viagra’,’5′,’false’,’true’)] will pull 5 viagra pictures from flickr and post to your blog without linking to them 😉 There are hooks for fetching content, spinning articles etc also.

Of course good blog linkfarm needs linking. Choose blogs that you want to interlink, the nchoose if you want to do so with blogroll or inside post and Link Farm Evolution blackhat seo software does it for you.

Whats the purpose of link farm ?
Of course the purpose of blog link farm is not having it itself but making money with it. After few posts on each blog and interlinking [dont interlink more than 100-200 blogs!] start using spamming techniques to index the blogs itself [soon i will release private linking tool which will destory all your good thoughts on any other spam tools you seen before – of course about xrumer:)]. When that happends simple put your money pages in the blogroll of farm [also requiers one click in LFE ;)] and wait for the juice from your WHITEHAT links [yes google wont punish you for those!] !
Well actually since you know how it works behind the scenes its greyhat seo.. Still good one 😉

To order Link Farm Evolution visit their official site and ORDER LINK FARM EVOLUTION NOW !

PS. To run LFE you will need basic shared hosting [yep no need for high resources nor VPS]. This blackhat tool is very light!  Ive tested it on NameCheap basic plan, and it worked with 10 threads easily. The install is mad easy, you need zero php knowledge.

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6 thoughts on “Link Farm Evolution Review

  1. You said that you tested on NameCheap basic plan. You talking about this for $2,91/ monthly ?

  2. Hi Iglow, Nice review of LFE by the way. I’m following your posts on BHW about this LFE software but still considering whether I choose this or senuke. can you give any suggestions? And the differences of those 2 tools. Thanks.

  3. senuke is expensive as hell and doesnt give right results. especially that i see u work in preety hardcore market [btw better to sell medications than this kin of herbals :)]. i suggest using a double powe of Link Farm Evolution with Mass Prestige Poster.

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