Captcha Sniper x4 vs Captcha Breaker Comparison – What is the Best Catcha Solving Software Review

First there was Xrumer and ZennoPoster that solved captchas on their engines, then at some point one guy decided to release one time payment program that will solve unlimited captcha types – Captcha Sniper De Capcha Bypass SOftware, later on guys who made GSA SER decided to make a competition for him by creating Captcha Breaker to solve captchas on your pc.

How Are This Programs Working
Mainly the idea is simple – they redirect your windows host file so that when any program uses, DeathByCaptcha or any other service of this kind – it actually sends images for recognition to your desktop software and thats where its solved for free. Thats means they will work with literally ALL SEO programs that dont have manual captcha solving [wtf is that 2004? ;)]. Some programs have dedicated option to use the service along with ie – then you can actually pay for captchas that were failed by the program [ie Recaptcha], but more about that later. Mostly the programs have it for Captcha Sniper because it was 1st on the market, but Captcha Breaker has its way to still keep equal spot – but more about that option later.

Captcha Breaker vs Captcha Sniper – How to Choose Better Program ?
Okay in this review of captcha solving softwares what we will care of is mostly success rate, then speed, then other possible things worth noticing. To make this post ive resetted stats of each program and were running them for over a month using Magic Submitter [this tool si overlooked yet its a bomb! I will soon do new review of it], Scrapebox, Blog NET Bandit Backlink Beast [soon to be reviewed], GSA SER and a few others i dont remember now. Mostly i went for blogs, web20s, gubestooks, wikis and social bookmarks. Artile directories and Link Directories were mainly untouched by me. For submission ive used shared proxies from SSLPrivateProxy as they were cheap and good enough. Ive also used those captcha programs as the only solver – no additionals retries for others.In most studies ive seen people did mayor mistake – used GSA with the GSA spamming program, not with others. Thats why imo other case studies of captcha sniper and captcha braker tests are not valid.

Captcha Sniper x4 (Latest) Review
captcha sniper reviewSince X numbered version of CaptchaSniper have big differences [sometimes whole engine is recoded] so for this article im using the latest version X4. Its solving a big number of images with average time of around 1,5 second. It currently supports Article Directories, Blog comments, Link Directories, Document Sharing, Forum, Guestbook, Image Comment, Microblog, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Video, Web 2.0 captcha types and Others. Totally around 60 platforms which sometimes have a few captcha types so propably somethign around 640 or more by default. The software has also captcha deconstruction kit whre you can create own captcha solvers for unknown platforms that you find somewhere. So here is my stats with % of successfuly solved captchas of a few known CMSes after a month linkbuilding with number of blackhat tools:
@ Article Dashboard – 52%
@ Buddy Press – 72%
@ MediaWiki – 81%
@ WordPress Articles – 53%
@ Drupal – 43%
@ KeywordLuv – 47%
@ Weebly – 42%
@ PHP LD – 70%
@ vBulletin – 20%
@ Phoca Guestbook – 70%
@ Coppermine Photo – 32%
@ PHP Dug – 30%
@ Oxwall – 62%
Main stats [that software gives] – it could solve 43% of everything that came into Captcha Sniper. One thign to add is the software is often supported as its engine, so for things it cant solve you put tier2 to paid service and get way more captchas solved. And the best thing is for the end.. Captcha Sniper solves recaptcha preety good at this point.Of course its far from paid solutions but on big linklist you will see a few solved – to not make fake claims acting liek it solves 100% ive put post where only 1 word is solved not both. Only that makes you a big money saving. The image of its solved is floating here o nthe left of this honest Captcha Sniper review.

GSA Captcha Breaker Review
Captcha Braker is not officialy supported by programs other than GSA Search Engine Ranker but due to its hosts redirect you can use it with all programs. The developers also understood CS was first and it has its spot in many programs so added 2nd tier in the captcha bypassing software itself. You can setup Captcha Braker to solve things few times, then to move to paid service like decaptcher, anitgate or whatever you prefer. This way you can get same % of solves as Captcha Sniper would get by using paid addons so that shoulnt be a concern.

captcha breaker review

gsa captcha braker discount

So lets get to the captcha solving success percent by GSA Captcha Breaker. They have similar categories of captcha types like Articles, Blog Comment, CMS, Directory, Document Sharing, Download, email, Forum, Guestbook, Image comment, Microblog, Press Release, RSS, Social Network, Social Bookmark, Video, Web 2.0, Other, Unknown antibot image tests. Guys from GSA CaptchaBreaker claim to give total 679 captchas.
Here is success rates of Captcha Breaker on few platforms:
@ Article Dashboard – 70%
@ Buddy Press – 64%
@ MediaWiki – 70%
@ Drupal – 43%
@ KeywordLuv – 42%
@ Weebly – 67%
@ PHP LD – 66%
@ vBulletin – 23%
@ Phoca Guestbook – 30%
@ Coppermine Photo – 49%
@ reddit – 44%
@ Oxwall – 76%
Software claims to solve around 65% of are you a human tests send and also had as SDK system to make new scripts for new captchas. Preety hard to use but there are some samples shared on forum by others. They dont solve recaptcha at all, and their average time is around 2 seconds.

Captcha Sniper and Captcha Breaker Comparison
If you look at the %s solved the softwares seem similar – once one wins, once the other. Depending on what engines you are targetting, then software of your choose may win over small %. While the recaptcha is big difference between them and Captcha Sniper is full winner. But ie, if you have reddit bots then you go for Captcha Breaker. So about the numbers of captchas that C sniper and C breaker have. Unfortunately Captcha Breaker counts same types of antibot tests as different ones, so all their stats are messed up – i will show you examples in video, you can find more if you want, or just believw what you see 😉 Also i had to run 1 campaign with CB using paying for captchas that built in there, so dont worry about the %s there and money. Lets just compare both products by checking video.

Here is 1 example screen for lazy readers.

captcha breaker review

GSA Captcha Breaker vs Captcha Sniper Review Resume
Both pgorams are good, theres no doubt with that. The yhave different success rates with number of CMSes but with addon paid captcha solving services you can get similar rates. FOr sure if you have many recpatchas to be solved Captcha Sniper wins but on the usual ones id say they tie with help of 3rd parties. The deal here is not to use 3rd parties because they cost money so the verdict is easy. Captcha Breaker is decent for GSA SER – 1 of most used linkbuilding tools right now – and really decent ones. A must have IMO! If your main tool is this one, then you should use/switch to Captcha Breaker [official site link].You will have really good success rate with in on the software, as its mostly designed to help with its platforms. If on the other hand you use other seo linkbuilding tools then i would go for Captcha Sniper X4 which has loads of captchas for many platforms that you will meet ie in Magic Submitter but not in GSA SER. You need to keep in mind GSA SER is one of most updated seo programs ever, so GSA CB also has many new downloads, while CSniper does em once in a while but with bigger numbers of news in 1 time.
Now comes the last variable – price. Captcha Sniper with THIS LINK TO OFFCIAL CSNIPER WEBSITE costs $77. Captcha Breaker with THIS OFFICIAL GSACB LINK costs $147 + taxes.

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