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Mass Prestige Poster
Allright it took some time but its ready, the 100% automated one way linkbuilding spammer is hitting the market today. And of course this blackhat blog has information on it as first.. You could expect that right? If You dont want to read this review just go to Mass Prestige Poster webiste and read specs there. Here i will give some short info on the usage of it.

How does MPP differ from other software ?
It is 100% windows based linkbuilder, runs as exe file. There is really not much of those around, you could say there is Xrumer. But MPP is very light application, you will not need any core 2 duo running 24/7 to be able to use it. Your home computer + a bunch of proxies is enough.
Keep in mind it is not a comment poster. This is a really big spamming software which will automatically post links on blogs, guestbooks, wikipedias and much, much more. Just doesnt do any forums as moderation on those and effects were not worth it comparing to other spots. Mass Prestige Poster will post to all places other blackhat software can + many many more.

Usage of MPP ?
You see all those .edu .gov or dofollow blog lists flying around ? Now just grab any list or harvest from internet and put to MPP. It will bypass captcha, check the list, verify CMSes and automatically post links. You just load list, links, anchors and thats it.
one way linkbuilderThis blackhat software was tested on most hardcore niches like pharmacy, casino, acai berry and teeth whitening. It was not made to be sold but was made for own usage and then decided to be sold. That is why just 10 copies are sold a month – main reason for its existance is not making money from it but making money by MPP!
It will be great to:
– kick your sites to top of google
– do whitehat seo on your money site
– rank doorways
– link your Link Farm Evolution blogs
– index new sites
– do seo for clients
– get targetted traffic from comments on niche targetted sites
– give linkjuice to autoblogs
Interested? Check official site of this link building tool and i really hope You will enjoy it and have as much fun with it as we do.

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18 thoughts on “Automated Backlink Building Blackhat Software

  1. So what’s the difference between this and scrapebox? On official site I see supported platforms but majority are blogs. So is it another spam comment poster?

  2. scrapebox can post to few types of blogs
    this can post to loads of blogs, guestbooks and other platforms that are not listed before buying to not get saturated.

  3. But can it do more than just comments posting?
    I carries pretty hefty price tag and I don’t even know what exactly it can do. Comment posting alone will not get me far in serps.

  4. it puts links on blogs, wikipedias, guestbooks and some other less known places. u just load a list and it autochecks what cms is it and how to post on it.

    it wont make u a coffee nor sandwitches but surely can have good success rate on any link list.

    scrapebox that u mentioned can post to like 5 blog types and u have to identify them urself.

  5. i bought it almost right away after chekcing sales page and have to say it looks nice.
    i didnt do much yet, still clearing the lists but i see the power of it.

    i bought also bmd and scrapebox but they never had good success rates to me.

  6. Hey, iglow I went to MPP and tried to buy but was sent to page to fill out form.

    This is software I can use immediately on a several projects I am working on. Please let me know how to buy. Thanks Bro

  7. it was made by me and my bh crew
    we made it for our use, the ndecided to share with small amount of people.

  8. If we use this to link to a new domain, wont it get sandboxed? Should we use say something like squidoo?? Or perhaps an expired domain?

  9. On the video which is displayed I only can see that it’s a Ubot script… Isn’t this to expensive for just a non multi-trheading Ubot script?

  10. doesnt matter if something is php, ubot, perl, python, aspNET as long as it works. i dont think its expensive for the amount of job it does

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