Magic Submitter Review – Advanced Tiered SEO Campaign Software

Allright we didnt have here link building desktop software since some time, but this one is definately brining something new and is worth having a look! Lets meet.. Magic Submitter!

What is the tool for ?
It is not first review of backlink tools so i wont waste time speaking why we need backlinks. What you may be interested in is the question – are the links safe after Penguin and diversified enough? And of course, since i decided to review this the answer is YES. Magic Submitter is perfect for whitehatters that need a bit of automation because it gives you full control of content and way links are posted + decent for blackhatters – automation, full automated account creation [along with emails!], scheduling etc. All here!
>Magic Submitter is multithreaded and uses private and free proxies (use coupon bhpwnage on THIS LINK to get 5% off order!) and popular captcha services.
Speaking of captcha it has unique option. It can integrate our beloved Captcha Sniper with ie. DeathByCaptcha. So first captcha gets send to CS, then if fails gets send to paid service. This way you can really save a bit of money and credits! If you dont rememeber Captcha Sniper is one time payment ultimate captcha solving tool!
MagicSubmitter has also built in proxies harvester, links harvester [with defined footprints], platform posting teacher and huge databases of preloaded links.

automated linkbuilding tool

How to Create Links Magic Submitter ?
There is two options to make blackhat links or whitehat backlinks with Magic Submitter. Choose CMS/Linktype and just submit, just few and post in queque or make a complicated campaign having mad intelinking and seo linkwheels done without any hassle!
For start lets see where does it post:
@ Article Directories – PHPLD, Article Dashboard and more
@ Social Bookmarking – Pligg, PHPDug and other ‘self-scripted’ web 2.0 services.
@ Blogs (not just WP!) – free blog networks [a bit in a way LFE does] but it hits also less popular [in seo softwares] spots like Livejournal, Elgg, Wetpaint, Multiply, to make links at (!)
@ Submits feeds to RSS services – and it fetches the feeds itself!
@ Video sites linkbuilding – Dailymotion, Metacafe and like 20 more (its not Youtube poster if thats what you looking for]
@ Profile Links – just usual linsk we know from packets or Xrumer
@ Press Release sites – wow would you expact that? The links whitehats LOVE!
@ StatuesNET sites posting – hey remember this article?
@ PDF Sharing sites – you see, the diversification doesn stop.
@ Gustbooks, Wikipedias, Blog commenting – the oldschool spam we know and love
@ Link Directories – whitehats love no2
The view of software + super fast campaign creation with Magic Submitter on the video below.

Shortly on Magic Submitter
100% automated yet can give HUGE power over what is posted and how. I would say its one of the best tools for whitehats i seen and due to huge platforms number that you cant find anywhere its great for blackhat guys. Theres no other public software that hits some link types i just mentioned you above. Its definately one of the top tools and guy who makes it is SEO himself so the tool is made really smart and is STABILE. Didnt crush for me since a week and it runs 24/7. As other interesting thing each platform has hints on how you should create links for it, where to put anchor and how many times to get best SEO results. MS is also updated really often with new platforms. Even every 24h.
Interested show love for me finding the tool and guy who made it by visiting official site! [by using this link, after payment you will get on special MagicSubmitter mailing list with seo tutorials and webinars].


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