Backlinks Genie Review – The AUtomated Linkbuilding Service

Okay lately out there were put many monthly fee seo services that ‘do the job for You’. You setup project and then Xrumer or whatever blackhat seo tool is working for You without any hassle nor learning curve. This time we will review Backlinks Genie

What does it do ?
This is really simple blackhat service as hell. The idea behind it is to ‘make a wish’ and genie fills it. Of course all wishes are automated one way backlinks to Your website. Backlinks Genie goes with that a bit futher than other linkibuilding services and gives You really complex seo linkwheels which would normally need Xrumer, SENuke and some simple wordpress commenter [here is free wordpress spammer/commenter btw].

One way backlinks service review

Backlinks Genie

So lets see what kind of backlink building this service does:
@ Blog commenting at 750 blogs a day [mostly wordpress]
@ 60 PageRank4+ profile linkwheel [profiles on web 2.0 sites]
@ Xrumer 2000 profiles
@ Creating 15 Web 2.0 sites with article [on Wetpaint etc]

Setting up a project in Backlinks Genie
Mainly You can make loads of seo projects and then put them into weekly or calendar mode. The interesting thing here is if You lets say make 50 projects [so way more than days in the week] You can set them in linking schedule mode even for few months ahead.
Making linking project is uber simple – choose 1 of options we mentioned above from simple dropdown menu, put stuff needed for each due to its specifications [anchors+links, article in spun brackets {yes|yeah|jea} etc].
To make stuff even simple Backlinks Genie has options of complicated linkwheels that are autoprepared for You.
This seo projects are automatically put at few days range, and have tasks for each day that You dont have to set separate.
They are as follows:

3 days backlinking:
Day one – 15 web 2.0 sites
Day two – 60 PR4+ profiles pointing at day one
Day three – 750 blog comments pointing at day one and day two

4 days automated linking
Day one – 15 web 2.0 sites
Day two – 60 PR4+ profiles pointing at day one
Day three – 750 blog comments pointing at day one and day two
Day four – 2000 Xrumer blast pointing at day one and day two

Yes You noticed right in Backlinks Genie You can easily setup linking of project that was done day before, theres simple command for it that You can put Yourself or make the 4 day project do it for You without any hassle- anchor. After job is done You get a .txt report that You can download and do whatever You want with it [for example use MegaPinger

Backlink Genie Review – Usage
Of course i tested the service to make sure it works as promised. For start ive setup 4 day project on page [not even website, just 1 new page] on a totally new site that was almost not linked. I choosen keyword with About 20,600,000 results. Within 4 days i got into top15 in This keyword wasnt super hardcore tho. Ive helped my Mass Prestige Poster linking of very hard keyword with big concurence and 23,500,000 results in Within 5 days i am top12. Just remember it was linked with other tool with big amount of links before and Backlinks Genie was used as a backup.
So what to say? Totally worth the money, so dont wait till they put prices higher and be like Disneys Alladin – get full package for first month. I bet You gonna like it.

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