High Page Rank Backlinks For $0.01

You read good, using this method you can get high pagerank links that will cost you $0,01. Wont be free but wont be expensive either.

I really suggest You to not brag about it nor share it elsewhere [even on those VIP paid forums] coz it will die even before just users of this blog kill it.

How to do it
Allright You will need Paypal account with some funds on it, and thats it.
First we do a little search with a query: “Powered by WordPress PayPal Donations Plugin”

Allright now we get on some random site, lets say: http://nascarleague.info/donations
There it says: “If you donate a value of $2.00 USD or more then we will create a link to a site of your choice. For this to work you must click the Return button on the PayPal page after you have completed the donation.”
So in this bloody example You pay $2 for the link.

Want to really pay just $0.01 for permanent backlink?
Allright lets hit this query [actually its almost fully saturated now]:
“value of $0.00” “Powered by WordPress PayPal Donations Plugin”

Okay You got the idea.. Now go and play a bit 😉

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5 thoughts on “High Page Rank Backlinks For $0.01

  1. moltar u hav to think outside the box..
    but ill give u [and maybe others] a hint:
    this week can be 5, next can be 1, but 3 weeks from now can be 20.
    also try other numbers, even 1$ per high pagerank backlink is not bad.

  2. I thought I knew every footprint there was to know! Never thought about this, as you say even if it’s only one relevant PR3+ link a month for a few pennies! Great advice thx

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