WP Traffic Tools Review – Cloaking, Redirecting per Country, Brining Special Ads and More

For very long time there was nothing here about wordpress and plugins script for it. Last tiem was actually in best autoblogging guide so now its time for something new… WpTraffic Tools Review.

What is WpTraffic Tools?
This is a very big seo/blackhat seo wordpress plugin, with loads of options, yet easy to use. It will help both 100% blackhatters and totally legit websites. Usage of it is so wide i will just put here few things it can do that im sure you will find amusing.
Wp Traffic Tools options:
@ Place ads to blog visit based on keywords used in url
@ Place ads only for google or bing traffic, but not to other people
@ Use tokens, to bring special data to viewving user in the text
@ Redirect robots and humans where you want
@ Redirect visitors by keyword they used to find site in google (yes blackhat cloaking easy way!)
@ Blank redirects to hide traffic source [yes thats what you do in CPA]
@ Advanced geotargetting redirects – put people from each country where you want them!
@ Cookie stuff visitors of blog based on rules given [nothing more blackhat or even fraudhat than CS]
@ Cloak external links [ie CPA offers] so Search Engines wont see them
@ Rotate urls clicked
@ Create popups on site
@ Display most peopular google keywords on site
and.. believe it or not.. Alot more! This plugin is filling all traffic usage needs in both blackhat and whitehat seo. If you have blog with traffic, installing this will surely make your money raise.

Using The Plugin
As usua lwith wordpress plugins, all you do is upload ti to plugins directory, activate in panel and put license. From there you just choose options you want to activate and configure them. I wont give any more special wptraffic tools tutorial as its a very simple and clear tool that you cannot miss. Unfortunately i cannot do video as usual due to my latest HDD crush..
best link cloaking and redirect plugin

WPTrafficTools Usage
This wordpress plugin is very powerfull. I wil lgive you few ideas of usage:
– on banner click redirect users from main countries you have CPA offers to right spots [UK,USA,WORLDWIDE]
– Make website ugly and 100% bots friendly but redirect humans to CPA offer 😉
– Make all 404 errors go to main site, same as dead links
– Check what keyword phrase somebody comes from and put extra keywords in text to get better google adsense ads
– Show visitors their country name on website with ie ‘Hello person from %COUNTRY%’ to get more reading and conversions
Options of this plugin are limitless.SO buy buy WPTrafficTools with discount it FROM HERE. And yes this is strange way but due to some odd setup this is cheapest way to get it. You do NOT need forum account to click he buy link.

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