How to Make Money Online – How to Organize Time for Work

Okay this is post other than all stuff that was released here during the last 3 years.. Some of you may know this make money online article from our official closed seo forum or so. Either way i tuned this up a bit and since i know this helped many people im posting this here. Waiting for all feedbacks and questions because whatever “gurus” tell you.. This is the best method to earn money on the internet aka properly organize time for working!

Be Able To Make Money 100% Yourself
what does it mean? it means that ie u have a partner and together you earn money online by selling a product or doing some shared blackhat methods. imagine 1 day he disappears – can u still make the same amount?
and sure i do work in big teams not myself, but i have 100% my own projects and they can make me living. im not tied to anybody. so lets say ur partner didnt disappear but hes simple lazy or lost interest in your poject? then you make money but you feel you could make more if partner wasnt lazy but u cant stop working with him due to how your business is built?
think about this, coz 1 day this may be ur dead end. Its good to make $ together but also have a bit of life alone. Just like with wife 😉 [Hey! Do not EVER work with a wife. Thats a statement that doesnt need explanations i hope].

Do NOT Spend Too Much Time Reading/Buying Methods/Programs
If u sit all day reading even top closed forums, you wont work at all. Choose 1 method that you feel, choose niche/market. Work till you hit it.
Dont buy all software out there, buy few that are of use. Yea read this blog to know what works, choose what suits the method and dont buy others before you make the first method working [unless they are good for it]. There is many seo methods to make money online but you cannot do all of them or do all niches. Start with 1 then expand.

Many people buy everything that comes out and never use it. This is a double waste – of money and time. Choose wisely.
Also almost any method can be made with hands – just that would require what you are scared the most – actually work and do boring stuff.

Do Not Be Affraid To Invest Money
method to make cash with blackhat seoYou want to make cash online but you try to find cracked software and free hosting all the time? Thats just plain stupid i nthe long run. You will waste time checking errors or bugs on your ‘free’ stuff and on the end it wont do you any good. If you want to make money you need to be able to spend money. Also if you buy software for a method, theres higher chances that you will really feel obligated to work on it. Dont be an ass and simply buy things that let you make money.

How to Organize The Day for Work
Organizing is actually the hardest part of making money from home. Sounds easy but highest problem for people that make few bucks online [by that i mean u already make enough for a living] is they get lazy and cant escalate.
Here is how i roll.
I have 3 periods in day – coffee, dinner and beer around 24 o clock. By this 3 things i know exactly where i am during the day and then i know how much i have to do.
I use a to-do list that i plan day before, but i also add stuff to them live. I never add more tasks than its possible to do in 1 day. But if somethign is added to my to-do list – it has to be done. Thats very important!
So if i have 5 things to do that need 5h but i start doing them when starting my midnight beer. Means ill work for 5h now even if ill really want to sleep. No exceptions. If you are too wack for this.. You are too wack to make real cash.

What do i use to make to-do lists? A simple and free evernote. Heres my example screen. Sorry blurred the tasks names but u see numbers of tasks per day and the dates.

how to organize time to work
Notes i do like this:
@ create new note – call it a day
@ inside put list with marks, each seo task has its mark
@ tag is number of tasks made/total
make todo list with evernote
And mainly thats how to make to-do list method.

Dont work on weekends
Mainly – get a life. You make money to spend em. I maybe stopped getting drunk from friday and teleporting to monday with mad hangover but i dont work on weekends and i do have fun in many ways. If you dont like going out, then just play games or whatever. But dont work.

Spend a bit of this money that you make. At least it will feel a bit more than just numbers made. Rememeber – theres always +1 to what you already have and the way we earn money fucks up the reality. So go out and meet some life.

Movies About Making Money
So now you know how to organize time to earn good money or organise yourself.. and you know you need to rest sometimes to be more effective. Here is few movies that will inspire you to get successful. Not all are about doin stuff online but surely are all decent and will make you want to work even more. Its Amazon links for lazy searchers but of course theres other spots to get those 😉
@ Middle Men made by the guy who made ePassporte. Must see for everybody making money online imo.
@ The Social Network – Facebook nahmean? Count how many beers he drinks during the movie. Yes you got it right, he does my millionaire method that i shared with you!
@ Wall Street Money Never Sleeps & Margin Call blackhat stocks trading
If you know any other inspiration movies to work efficently please leave them in comments!
@ Boiler Room investments world aka trade market.. Good and classic flick!

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5 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online – How to Organize Time for Work

  1. I’ve been having a hard time organizing all my damn work…

    Thanks for sharing evernote, I will give it a shot

  2. Yeah – thanks for this, I didn’t think of Evernote either. Also so true about buying every WSO and also about the BH warez, been there, done that! Fine to see if you like it but if you do buy the original.

  3. Your original post really helped in kicking my brain in the right mode and to become organized and focused. I have been using Evernote for years but never in that way. That lead me to discovering a method called The Secret Weapon. Nothing to promote, just a good productive way to use Evernote. I always though I was organized. How mistaken I was.

  4. Have you made the made/total in the tag automatically update on checked/checked state or are you doing that manual?

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