Where To Buy High PageRank Domains – DomainPeeker Review

Panda alghoritm is killing many seo and internet marketing people this days. Whats the answer to it? Having large network of blogs with high pagerank! First problem is having money to buy them, second is.. actually finding them. Lately a guy asked on our forum – how to find high pagerank expired domains – good timing! this problem is no more due to DomainPeeker domain finder.
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I wont be telling you why you need high pagerank expired domains in blackhat seo [whitehat also:)] or gettign them from auctions. Lets just say its good to have a network or at least if you plan to hit hard niche – get a domain in the niche which is old and valued. Often you can actually buy a domain that was exacly in your selling niche and just by putting there good content and making few links you will rank. Nuff said? Allright here is what you will need before using this bloody domain researching tool!
DomainPeeker uses few global domain registrars, where you have to register before using it.
1. Get NameCheap account if you dont have it yet. Its not needed but will save you some money in future.
2. Get GoDaddy Account + pay for auctions access like 4$ a year or something. This point is a must to use this system.
3. Get SnapNames account. It may say something about SSL but ignored it and proceed. This is good to have but not super required [less expired domains for seo than godaddy]
4. Get NameJet account same as above. This is also the less popular of above + sooner you will find it will cause you some problems and is expensive. Yet its beening used to get blackhat expired domains with pagerank.
5. Obviously. Get DomainPeeker but maybe first read the rest of this tutorial/review.
6. If you make high pagerank sites network on expired domains then get good managed vps. Really if you dont know linux nor want to admi nserver and you have money go for this guys, they rock in hosting.

DomainPeeker to find High PR Domains BULK
find expired domains with prThis domain research tool is simple as hell, everything will be seen in the video so just few words.
You login to their official website and the tool is serverside. This means you can login from any place in the world and dont have to worry of proxies or any other messy shit.
Then you choose what kind of domains you want and filter them:
seek the word domain contains
– pagerank [also real and fake options]
dmoz listning of domain
– is the domain archive.org listed
alexa ranking factors
– auction site [thats why we were registering at start]

Bidding on Expiring Domains
One thing is finding good domains, but that is easy with DomainPeeker tool. Now the problem is saving money when doing it.
First understand that many of this domains will go for really big money – usually its not worth it for you. So fro mall the ones you see daily just choose a few to bid minimum. You will be bidding like 50 domaisn before you get one thats cheap and didnt find any competitors to buy it.
You also need to understand proxy bid. Proxy domain bid is when you put price and the account for example at GoDaddy Auctions is sniping with the price putting minimal bids. Its the best to put your max price on the domain, and let the proxy bid go. If it gets it – good, if not – fuck it. Simple as that.
Now you got the domain. This sites have really expensive domain spots where you have to pay like 10$ for private domain registration or so and they have no coupons. Its simply not worth keeping them there. Now you know why we made NameCheap? We are transfering out everything there 🙂 Watch out – NameJet will lock you for 45 days to transfer domain names, thats why i didnt suggest them.
This tool is a nobrainer so just grab it from DomainPeeker Official Site and this is where to buy domain names with high google pagerank and how to do it cheap 😉

find high paegrank domains

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3 thoughts on “Where To Buy High PageRank Domains – DomainPeeker Review

  1. depends if you go for expensive domains with many bids or seek for cheapest.

    godaddy – avg 60$ id say, you can be lucky and get at around 22$ sometimes

    namejet – never less than 70$ [thats how they work] but id say around 100$. i dont really suggest them

    snapnames – really depends so worth trying

  2. Hi, I have purchased a expiring domain of PR 4, due to my busyness i am unable to start website on it and now i am willing to sell it.

    If any one interested in buying this domain please email me the age of this domain is more then 8 years and current PR is 4.

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