How to Index site fast – Pwnage again

Story of the method

You guys must remember when i first started the blackhat seo blog i shown a method that nobody else would share – index site fast and boost pagerank. This trick was brilliant and was working like golden giving indexing, pagerank boosts and targetted visitors from proper groups. The post and method spread so fast trought the internet that put nofollow on links and started hardcore moderation. Aka the method died.
The method and post were so complex and spread that widely that other people started sharing rewritten parts of the blackhat post concentrating on its part [use indentica to get big google pagerank, index xrumer profiles etc]. Method died more or less but took half a year to happen so:
“Today we rolled out code on the StatusNet Cloud to set the “nofollow” relationship for certain links on public sites. I wanted to take a few minutes to describe what this will do, why we did it, and what users can expect.”

Fast indexing of new websites, doorways and parasites still possible!

geryhat seoObviously such big thing couldnt die fully i was aware of it and some people were too.. I just never felt like sharing this blackhat tactic again after once the method got burned down so didnt want to pus hit again. Now we are over a year after the post and i think we can go for it again. Lets see the time of 100% saturation of a indexing new websites trick 😉
The new version of [the script used for microblogging on] was put in verison 0.9.1 which means all versions of script before it are still vulenrable 😉
So all we need to do is get the list of sites pre-091 and we have 100% dofollow groups, links and stuff for our blackhat seo.
The main footprint would be for example: “This site is powered by StatusNet version 0.9.0” but i can tell you that most of this sites are already dead now.
Anyways heres a list of the ones that should be working and ready to get some linkjuice 😉 If you have time, play with it!

Of course you dont want to do all this by hands right? 🙂 MS does account creation and posting automatically!

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4 thoughts on “How to Index site fast – Pwnage again

  1. Brilliant, though I have a question. Do you have a bot to Google for 0.9.0 versions register & post or it has to be done manually? I’m asking coz they have stupid captcha’s and mail confirmation.

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