List of exprired PR3+ domains ready to be registered

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3 thoughts on “List of exprired PR3+ domains ready to be registered

  1. i never said they have backlinks i said they have PR and most are real. if u are worried abotu them loosing PR on next update – add to each 1 PR4 sape link or so.

  2. i hate to sound cynical on this – (igloo’s my bud im sure he understands my point) but people dont know shit really about this stuff and pr still means way to much to way to many people… back in the ALN days I used to grab pr domains without much REAL long term value to keep them going and register them in the network to get way more daily credits (im sure others did this too but that said no one can deny that shit worked mad well in its time)

    there are other systems like this – where you can take advantage of people’s focus on pr to gain ability to gain better broader links and not risk your pr0 sites that are actually better links you can build on than some pr3s even 4s etc – based on the art and science of really understanding what is making a domain valuable – keep those for yourself.

    another thing ive thought to do here possibly (though as sape is getting some shit its questionable to me how much ill keep using) but if you do exactly what igloo suggested above which yeah, it will keep the pr (actually side note they havent updated in 6 months which is getting some attention – some minor speculation they ma be phasing out pr as a public ie toolbar pr – piece of info which will piss off alot of people but what else is new)

    but ive been considering setting up a mini blognet of 10 or 20 sites that doesnt touch my others at all… and set up the sape code which helps do interlinking on your domains while offering links for sale in their system…. yes its a bit of a dick move but whatever – idea being to use these types of ’empty’ pr sites to auto sell sape links and or other link markets – and see how well it could probably generate few k a month to cover whatever sape expenses for my own use…. rather than dump the money i otherwise want to put to better use (like buying domains with REAL value …. age, trust, backlinks profiles with some intelligence you can squeeze much more out of – im not gonna share all the special shit here cause its pretty much a whole area of expertise unto itself…. so go learn it (and pay for the tools it requires yourself 🙂

    but there is value if you actually think outside the box and get creative for using pr domains of any kind – mostly the masses of seo buyers who thing pr is still the thing that really matters…. you can always find an angle just think!

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