How to get high page rank fast

Okay there was latest 2010 Google Page Rank update few days ago. This inspired me to write this preety simple – but neat – trick to get PR7 PR8 PR9 or even PR10 on your blog or website. Of course doing it fake aka with blackhat technique.

Getting fake PageRank

This is really simple.. Lets do it with simple step by step.

– Find list of high pagerank sites. Sure you can use Google with its PR10 but its a bit too high.. Go for sites with 7-8 PR. and choose just one website to get its pagerank “mirrored”.
Hint – has a good list of high pagerank pages.
– Get your brand new domain, buy it for example on Namecheap since they give free SSL. Let google index it. Use our old how to index new site fast trick.
– Now wait some time [week, not more] + build few backlinks [5-6 dofollow will be enough]. Make sure new site that will have PR7 in Google soon, is indexed.
– Now make 301 redirect to the old PR7 page we found before.

– Now we just put few more backlinks and wait for next google page rank update.
Voila, this is how to get high pagerank domain free. You got PR7 now.

What do i need high PageRank for ?

Well there are many things you can do. Some people do this trick to sell high pr domains or links on them expensive, some black hat seo guys do other stuff. I wont publicly reveal blackhat techniques with which this info is usefull, so just let your mind work for you.

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45 thoughts on “How to get high page rank fast

  1. Hello, For Some Reason I am not quite understanding this method and Exactly how to do it. Thank you!

  2. after this situation your newdomain wont be indexed in google, but it will be showing up pagerank7 till next pagerank update.

    this is because 301 is a permanent redirect which passes the link juice.

  3. But let’s say after I’ve got PR7, I remove the redirect so that I can actually use my domain, does my PR drop back?

  4. so, you’re saying a 301 redirect from YOUR site to ANOTHER site is gonna pass ANOTHER site’s PR to YOURS? i’m not quite understanding this either.

  5. okay to clear things – seems in future i should write a bit longer on ‘what happends’

    it is NOT passing the PR, it is mirroring it. that means googlebot thinks your new site is the same as the other old one, so gives it same PR. if u take off the 301 u will loose PR.

    but before you loose it, sometimes you can still get credit out of it – but i wont reveal this part too much.

    also if you for example sell links or domains you can cloak googlebot and leave other bots/humans on different page. then it will look like whole site has the PR7. some link sellers cheat like that.

  6. haha i allow spam if it at least sounds good but putting link 2 times this way is too much so i changed you to google this time πŸ˜‰

  7. hey,
    actually u dont. u can mirror PR of google. this is a FAKE PR, not real one. u can mirror any website PR u want. but if u take googles PR10 it will look strange. take any PR7 site and thats it.

  8. I’d like to find out what the other way of using fake domains is. I always new you could sell links of it or sell the domain but is there more?

  9. I’m impress, I would try this out on my site and see the results.
    Anyway, you actually got a pr 1, haven’t you tried the trick on this site?

  10. Actually i didnt get how to set the mirror. being a newbie its difficult to understand. So if you kindly elaborate that would be quite helpful for me thanks.

  11. It is not a black hat when you redirect your domain using 301 redirect technique, if you have a good page rank on the old domain and you wish to transfer web site then why not to consider 301 redirect?

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