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There are many proxy services offersin shared and private proxies to be used with seo software for account creation and google scraping. Yet it is hard to choose the best one for your needs, so i made a comparision of most used services, their prices and how do they work – so you can save time and money while seeking for extra IPs to use.

How Do People Seek for Proxies ?
Of course – by using Google queries. I had a look at top ones in seo industry and they are most likely: shared proxies for scrapebox, cheapest shared proxies,shared proxies for scrapebox,shared proxies for sale,private proxies for senuke,best private proxies for scrapebox,private exclusive proxies,private proxies for senuke,private proxies for xrumer,private proxies paypal,reliable private proxies,private proxies scrapebox,private proxies service,private proxies sick submitter,private proxies twitter,zennoposter private proxies,proxy bonanza review,seo proxies blackhat,best seo proxies,google proxy captcha,private proxies for scraping,proxies for scraping google,scrapebox proxies,private proxies for scraping,using proxies for scraping,best proxies for youtube,cheap private proxies,best private proxies. What can we see here? Most people seeking non-web proxies for just browsing web seek for blackhat seo software like Scrapebox, SEnuke or ZennoPoster. Only smart portion looks for google or scraping, and VERY small seeks just for services. That means – by seeking in Google most def you wont find what works for SEO. After checking all the top10s and services me and people i know use, ive choosen a few services to review and compare.

Shared Proxies Review
Just as name say they are at and offer this features:
@ USA Hosted – fine for scraping
@ Instant Activiation – that is sweet if you are in need of some usage asap
@ Unlimited bandwith (especially good for posting/account creation – spamming shortly
@ Good price – 10 proxies for $8 – thats $1,25 price per shared proxy
@ Use authorized IP access – just 1 to be added, extras have to be paid
@ Very fast and respnsive support
Usage review: They are really good for creatign accounts and posting esp with GSA SER, Scrapebox or Magic Submitter or speaking shortly – any spamming program. They are actually really decent for google scraping also – which is not usual with cheap shared proxies.They dont get many bans compared to others.

SEO-Proxies Review
They go with name Premium Private Proxy Service and url Features are:
@ rotating IPs on the fly – you add their 1 proxy and it changes at choosen time to other IPs
@ you can switch them in profile between http and https proxy type
@ IPs are issued non-sequential
@ 1 proxy costs $9,99
@ Non-instant setup
Usage review: this proxies are really good for google scraping, as they are fully private and clear. Clear because if you use them for any posting/spamming you will get banned and many porsts are blocked. Speaking shortly they are preety much unusable for any SEO work other than scraping Google or making accounts at Twitter/Craiglist. Price is also preety high but goes down $2,26 per proxy when you order 230 ones ;))))))

Proxy Bonanza Review
One of the most famous proxy sales services at with features:
@ Shared, International and Exclusive Proxy to buy
@ usual price for 1 proxy starts at $7,99 and ends at $9,99
@ you can also find deals like 90 proxies on 3 c-classes for $18 but with limited bandwith – good for account creation but bad for scraping
Usage review: While their usual deals simply suck, the special deal pages is decent – you can find there cheap proxies for both scraping and account creation in big number. The bandwith is not too big so you have to watch out but mainly if you buy proxy promotions its worth the money to be used for seo.

My Private Proxy Review
This bros have deal with Blackhatpwnage so if you go trough this link, order 10 proxies and use my private proxy coupon bhpwnage you wil lget 11 adresses instead of 10 and 5% lifetime discount on all invoices. As you can imagine there is a good reason they are affiliated with this seo blog 😉 Features:
@ 100 threads per proxy – you can create 100 of accounts same time at 100 of services on 1 proxy
@ 1gbit speeds – nothign will stop you other than your internet
@ password and ip protection – choose what you like and what your software uses
@ Unlimited Bandwidth – superb for spamming links or just browsing the web/youtube in school or job
@ Non Sequential IPs – perfect proxies for scraping google
@ Non-instant setup
@ Shared proxies for $0,65 cents and best private proxy you can get for $1,49
Usage review: I love this service, i recommend it for everybody and this stuff really works decent. Superb for spamming, superb for scraping google. Im not saying to use them as your only one service but this is definately a must have in the mix of others – if you need many proxies for big spamming, account creation or some Software as as Serivce.

Buy Review
The guys from
@ Password and IP authentication
@ $1 per shared proxy, $2 per dedicated proxy – they work with sick submitter, senuke etc – just like most others
@ Non-instant setup – but id say they are preety fast
@ Unlimited bandwith – great for spamming links
@ New IPs every month automatically
Usage review: Shared proxies get banned really fast in Google when scraping yet they work really good for posting and they allow all programs to spam like even Xrumer. Propably thats why they suck for scraping but rock for posting 😉 Highly sugested to use with your programs like GSA SER etc.

SSL Private Proxy Review
Guy from SSLPrivateProxy contacted me after i did this post to review them, and while normally i dont add stuff i think they shouldnt be missed.
@ Multiple cities [you will have cities in panel next to each proxy]
@ 100 threads and 1gbit speeds
@ nonsequential ips – you dont have to ask, you get all stuff randomized by classes
@ $1,40 for private proxy and only $0,60 cheap shared proxies price
@ They also have private and shared VPN services
Usage review: Due to really randomized ips, ranges and cities bans on google scraping happen really slow compared to others. They seem decent for check google queries, account creation and posting. I also love the multiple cities feature. I did not test their VPN but i assume getting shared for posting/hiding your browsing if you dont do illegal stuff would be great. Check their deals here.

Proxy Providers Comparision
To top this list of best private and shared proxies to be used with software i will try to put everything shortly for lazy readers of the seo blog here 😉 When going for scraping google with hrefer or scrapebox its best to use private ones esp from, MyPrivateProxies or Ssl Private Proxies – depending on your budget. Google is currently banning preety fast on queries esp complex ones like inrul: intitle: etc. so you wont play much on shared or even worse – free scraped ones. The time and nervest wasted just dont add up. I have to add that the last ones are perfect craightlist posting proxies.
Scraping is a must so while you already have the private proxies mentioned for ripping search engine queries esp that both have unlimited bandwith and MyPP/SslP have 100 threads too. While MyPP are on close ranges + when doing much posting you will need more, with SslPrivProxies you will be fine just with 10 or 15 – but then it gets expensive.
Thats where come best shared proxies for account creation/posting and i surely suggest but also each of companies i mentioned before have shared ips in their stack. Its up to you to decide whom to use on the end. When you need twitter proxies or proxy for pinterest then often priv is the way to go ie in MyPP just make ticket with staff sayign for which social site you need ips and they will give you best ranges to work with. Other proxy providers mentioned here you can use or not, but just with this 3 services imo you are 100% set.
This proxy providers review is my opinion only – if you are owner of one this services please dont blame me 😉

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6 thoughts on “Best Private Proxy Comparison – Shared Proxies Review – buy SEO proxy

  1. proxy51 is either either scam or worst service ever I found on net.
    I contacted at proxy51 support for support almost a month ago, no reply. I contacted again a few days ago, but no reply yet. disgusting..

  2. I find to be the best private proxy provider i ever tried, and believe cause i tried them all and their dedicated proxies are real dedicated !

  3. This is nice information on different proxies people use for their works some are good and cheap and some have a little problem but it is better to get satisfied before using it, many people do not know about the proxy and waste time and money to purchase it and after that they suffer. Same as many people have a problem with the proxy 51.

  4. I have been using private proxies for the last two years and so far, I find the most reliable. I have been using them for the last 8 months or so. They have the best customer service, they answer tickets very quickly.

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