Greyhat SEO Link Building

What is Greyhat ?
Actually who cares.. its all names. Imo any SEO that is offsite cant be considered white. Even tho some people want to call themselves white to feel better.. Like it matters.. WHat matters is money. Anyways for people who love definitions Greyhat SEO is about using Blackhat Tactics a little be more Whitehat SEO way..

Lets get to the point and see some more or less dirty seo tricks..

Link Juicer

This is a linkbuilding service that will give You 20 links a day by making articles on free blogs, social meda account etc. Keep in mind they dont allow gambling nor pharmacy.. I used to be one of beta testers of this linki building service and with a bit tweaks it can bring You a nice background of static greyhat links. Currently Linkjuicer can post to,, Articlesweets, Awesome Blogs, Bigblogzone, Blinklist,, Blogchime, Bloggingsprint, Blogposties, Blogwogin, Delicious, Diigo, Doodleo, Havesome, Infonubs, Jacuna, Jumblit, Juridicum, Knowitall, Linkagogo, Linkdup, Luxella, Multiplybk, Order House Plans, Personaltrainersydney, Phenolics, Portalios, Prof. Blogging, Repoarticle, Savemoney-tips, Spotback, Theonlinefacts, Tigriso, Toprankedpages, Vevuzo, Vox, Youknow. All is done on autopilot with rotating texts and anchors.

Free .EDU Directory
People who are on my mailing list already know about it since people on mailing list get stuff before others. Free no reciprocal edu directory allows You to add main page of Your site [not subdirectories of freehost allowed] with a dofollow anchor link. Doesnt require reciprocal links and is free. It allows casino and pharmacy so You can get a free sticky .edu casino or viagra link. Just there are some rules of submitting links that i suggest to read befor adding anything to directory- The rules are strict but its really worth having such link.

Getting HIGH PR Links From Trusted Sources

Okay i dont want You to say i wrote here only simple stuff.. Now let me give You a nasty greyhat seo trick 😉
This method will let You get 100% free high pr links in the legal way. We will use open source companies and some others and host their mirrors to gain HIHG PageRrank links. Complicated? Ok lets get to some examples 😉
The only downside to this is You need a dedicated server or at least Hybrid VPS. You will need a Rsync, around 11gb space.. So not so much for getting sticky high pr backlinks from trusted resoruces.
Now we go to Opera Mirror Registration and we will make a mirror in subdomain of our main site. So if we have Buy Biagra site with we will do
Now after they approve You [12-48h preiod of time] You will have a link on And notice – the link is to You main site with anchor instead of the mirror itself 🙂

I would post here more sites but i dont want the trick to get too saturated. Of course people on mailing list get something extra..

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8 thoughts on “Greyhat SEO Link Building

  1. I love, iglow!! Haven’t implimented this yet, but will get around to it soon. Cheers.

  2. its very sad to hear some people dont know that other countries than USA exist and they also have gov and edu domains.

    i still hope u will read this blog a bit more and maybe learn something in the future.

    thanx for commenting tho – makes the blog alive.

  3. lol at dan

    u have any seo knowledge? is an .edu but in poland.

    stfu before speaking in future.
    people are unbelivelable with their comments..

    iglow rocks!

  4. You mean there is more to the Universe other than America?!?


    Great post iglow… Love the mirror idea although I wonder if it could be made to help whole blog farms instead of one site… Could a single dedi server handle the mirroring for other, non-dedicated-served blogs? Or do they require the mirror link go directly to the mirrors’ domain?

    Oh, and about the greyhat definition; yeah, it only exists to help black-hat-wannabes weaned on IM guru’s sales mantra that are too scared to jump in full-bore.

    For these people I offer them an alternative definition for “black hat:” Intentionally FOOLING google and other people through the use of various redirects, cloaking, and cookie-dropping.

    Wanting any amount of backlinks from web properties you don’t own is never black or even gray hat… Google DEMANDS that you go out and get them or they will penalize your site!


  5. Hey guys, I am new to SEO and got here by searching and searching, a have a quick question for whoever wants to reply to a newbie. Can this strategy be implemented in a normal, brick and mortar business website? I mean, it’s one thing to have 15-20 websites making money off and another to have one website to bring traffic to your business, either it’s a service or a store. we don’t want to taking any chances with a small local business.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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