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Allright i was busy as hell but here we go. Now lets speak about brining free traffic to website. We will use TweetAttacks tool for that. Here is a bit info on this blackhat software.

Kinds of traffic Twitter can bring
For start You have to understand what the tool can give You and how to make money from twitter.
Twitter is full of spambots but also full of real people. Twitter wont give You any type of SEO [as it shorten urls everything] but it will bring You hits on site. And yeah for ‘smarties’ i know that short domains will stay there not shortened but we dont need this talk here as its not about that πŸ˜‰
So we can bring 2 types of twitter traffic to blog – junk or targetted. Guess what – both have their uses!
Junk twitter traffic is perfect for: faking stats of website, clickjacking [stealing google andsense clicks], having some nonconverting people on site [for example if You do CPA iFraming].
Targetted twitter traffic is good for getting constant users of Your site and selling them stuff. About getting such traffic you can read for example here.

TweetAttacks Review
TweetAttacks is the only and most powerful Twitter software on the market. Dont even waste time checking others.
The idea on usability is simple:

TweetAttacks GUI

1. Get Twitter accounts [You can buy them cheap in bulk online from people] or buy Twitter Account Creator [sorry its not free]. Since Twitter accounts are simple as hell it might be good idea to buy Ubot Studio and just make twitter account creator with it.
2. Take list of top Twitter users from for example here: and follow all of them.
3. Start posting blackhat tweets! In TweetAttacks You have many options – auto getting content for twitter, auto posting of Your comments, messaging users directly [twitter PM], retweeting stuff of others etc.

How to make money with Twitter
I already spoke about it a bit, but i will repeat it plus give fw other ideas that will let You bank with TweetAttacks:
sell twitter accounts with followers
sell followers to others people twitter accounts
– sell junk traffic
– sell stuff [i even seen guy selling cialis with it]
– bring free traffic to CPA offers
– promote You website

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  1. Just wondering if building followers for other peoples account would require their login access?

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