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2nd may is my birthday and there was alot of stuff going on in SEO world Panda update at 19th april and Penguin alghoritm update at 24th. I decided to share discounts on software that will be helpful in this days as a present from me. Even if you dont need the soft still its a good read and stuff can be *propably* replicated with working manually 🙂 Either way if you dont like discounts on software this post wont propably be as good for you as the sneaky backlink tactics!

Mass Prestige Poster 2.5 Discount
Yep the link posting software just got into version 2.5 and posts to almost 60 CMSes. The way it does it became even more valuable after current updates. It was verified on many websites with many people that sites which used a wide range of platforms for backlinks are doing well after google alghoritm updates. Even tho there is alot of softwares on market MPP does what other blackhat posters is missing:
@ always knows perfect way to post into platform [no need to know anything about its specifications ie bbcode, html or where to put links]
@ acts like a human [skips many spam preventions scripts]
@ automatically detects CMSes [no need to cut lists by CMS type]
@ posts to over 60 platforms [diversification like nowhere else]
@ supports Captcha Sniper free captcha soliving [discount link on the bottom of post]

The other thing it does is.. Its slower than spam tools with 100 threads. Hows that good you will ask? 🙂 For start this way posting success rates are higher but thats not main case.. And heres something that so called SEO *gurus* wont tell you. Google DOES read the time of comment/post/wiki edit. If theres 10k similar links posted within 30 seconds this will raise flag in new update. If you use MPP it will simply look more natural and the number of platforms it hits will diversify everything. Just skip engines that other softwares do like WordPress, BloeEngine, MovableType and Blog2Evolution for comment spam.
For 30 days from now [2nd may 2012] all MPP sales will be at -$50.So its average $180 full price with this deal.Even if you dont get the blackhat software this month but place order you will be locked to the price in queque. Purchase NOW.

BestSEOSuite – Over 50 Programs in ONE Software
All kinds of research and speedup in job/tests are now even more important due to Google Penguin. BSS is my top tool that i have open 24/7. I already reviewed it before [it was like 30 tools then]. Anyways to see all the programs in action check official youtube, below im putting dropped domains scraper and google asterisk keyword ripper.
Get software with a discount [only on yearly, monthly subscription wont work!] use THIS LINK.

Article Video Robot – Make Unique VIdeo Conent
This is perfect whitehat seo tool. Take text, add pics, load it there and make great video from content of your website. reviewed this long ago so check Article Video Robot Review. Videos not only give your site more credibility but also.. drive traffic from Youtube 😉 Perfect solution to get extra way to get free targetted visitors.
To get discounted AVR go to THEIR SITE and use coupon getbonus45 to get 45% off!

Other Suggested Programs Discounts
MyPrivateProxy – decent proxies verified with all 3 softwares. After following the link place and order and put coupon bhpwnage to get 5% discount.
Captcha Sniper – pay one time, solve unlimited captchas. The bomb on the market. Fully compatible with MassPrestigePoster and most other link posting software.

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One thought on “Google Panda, Penguin and PageRarank Update – Blackhat Solutions

  1. Great article Iglow,

    Would like to add social signals represent a major factor in 2012.
    So having a Youtube channel fed with Article Video Robot is a huge boost.

    Sent you a PM/mail regarding MPP,
    reply when you find the time 🙂


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