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If you are looking for what happened to donations made last 2 months, or you are one of donators i made post about my time in Australia here – http://igl00.biz/first-post-in-2013-my-visit-to-australia/ to not mess up this blog with personal things, but get onto business. Also i updated a bit thread about what we have on blackhat seo forum so you can check it too. Ok back to the seo blog. What we have today? This will be touching 2 topics – traffic generation without google and SEO. And will be about Tumblr social network.

What is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a blog/social network in one. You can host there blogs also with own domain [ remember how to get high pageran kwith tumblr exploit method that i posted here some time ago ;)]. You can also just go there and like/reblog peoples stuff or simple talk between users. The other good thing in Tumblr is.. they official allow Adult blogs, so you wil lfind there alot of huge sites with many followers [yes it has followers like twitter] that just posts pr0n pictures. So speaking shortly you can use tumblr blogs for SEO purposes and you can generate traffic on the site itself. Win-win situation.

TumbleForce – Ultimate Tumbl Desktop Software
I got my hands on TumbleForce, software made by my bor whos other tool you can read of in PinPioneer Review. This Tumblr marketing software has all options you would need: mass account adding, rotating them on tasks, scheduling posts, self-creation of posts and also posting scraped ones [called autoblogging on tumblr]. Of course you can also auto like, reblog and follow other Tumblr users. Another cool feature is you can auto-watermark pictures uploaded to Tumblr.Of course spintax is supported everywhere in Urls, texts, titles etc. GUI is super simple, and very similar to spoken before PinPioneer or Torrentator. Here is a picture:

Review of Tumblr Automation Software

tumbleforce review and discount link

How to Make Money from Tumblr?
So sure we have decent software, but questio nis – how to use it to generate income? Here is few way to make money from Tumblr with TumbleForce. For start we need to add few tumblr accounts, either make them or find bulk tumblr accounts seller [we have one on forum]. I even had Ubot to create those accounts, they are not super hard but they do burn ips from time to time. IPs from blackhatpwnage top provider work without issues. Now you have to decide if you go SEO route or generation within page. For SEO we do the following: like posts of others, reblog them, post scraped conent and wait a bit to get some credibility. Each reblog or like of somebodys post is actually a link to your blog. Easy to get power [thats how exploit works in the post mentioned before]. AFter some time just start putting own articles with links inside [as you see o nscreenshot TumbleForce allows html] or post scraped stuff with links inside along your network.
Other way is to post stuff on 1 blog and reblog trought your network. Sky is the limit.
Now you ask for the traffic generation trought tumblr.. That is also easy, some ideas are shared in PDF that goes with software, but for lazy people i will write more or less main method. Follow and like others, start rebloggign popular posts with links changed to your sites. Profit. This is 100% working method that says how to make money from tumblr in one sentence. And yes take the note.. Adult is the easiest way to go 😉

Is TumbleForce Worth It?
Guys Google is trying to kill your business, diversification is a must. Links from this site are decent and trusted + it generates traffic itself. This is a no-brainer. Also software is very cheap now so i suggest to put few bucks in paypal or on CC and GET TUMBLERFORCE HERE. There is also moneyback guarantee.

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6 thoughts on “Tumblr Poster Software – TumbleForce Desktop Automation Program

  1. iglow i love the softwares you review here and methods you share, tis is literally my favorite blog online.

  2. indeed they have some issues because tumblr tries to block this software. owner assuer me they are working on it.

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