Free Stuff For Xmas – Xrumer Lists, Blog Lists, WPMU Lists and more

Okay there was many blackhat software reviews lately so i kinda feel obligated to give out some stuff free especially that the blog is 1 year old now [we started last december] + theres Xmas.
Some stuff is password protected for blackhat mailing list users. If You join list today You wont get the passwords anyways – thats lesson for future. After You join You get password to NEW posts, not to oldies. WOuld be unfair of me to let late joiners use stuff right? So please dont email me about that 😉

Free scraped lists
For start i highly suggest registering with Dropxbox. Read the rest

Google Wonder Wheel Scraper

We are all looking for keywords, especially long tail keywords. The more you have of those, the more autoblogs or minisites You can make targetting them and beat the concurence. Lately founder of a preety great software contacted me so i decided to review it here google wonder wheel scraper.Really great keyword research tool!

What is Google Wonder Wheel ?

Mainly its just a new goolge feature that allows to make searches a bit deeper than normal. You can see it live here –

Okay so they gave us tool to make deep keyword searches. Now we needed tool to automate this job to find longtail keywords. Read the rest

How to use Proxy and How to find proxies

What Are Proxies Used For ?
Speaking shortly You need a proxy to connect anonymously to sites/servers, make spam/comments using proxy, hack or just have many ips to scrape google, yahoo, bing results. This way search engiens can think there is many users but there is really just one behind proxy. There are few ways to get working proxies and alive working proxy lists – each depends on what do you need to use proxies for.

Make Own Proxy Server
Proxy Advantages: Full control, Not banned/blacklisted IP in Google, Exclusive Usage
Proxy Disadvantages: none [unless we count that you have to pay for it:]

Making it is preety easy you will just need a VPS/VDS/Dedicated Server where you will install a Squid Proxy Server. Read the rest