SAPE Russian Network – How to Use, Buy High PageRank Links and Register

This is nothing new, but it didnt come to ‘english’ internet for some time. Actually preety long.. Then services started dropping using it and.. it finally came to attention of google. So i assume i wont do any hamr if i share it now, as it still works great. So here we go with Sape network review.

What actually is ?
You can go to their page here if you want to get info fast [and can read russian :)] or get along with me. Speaking shortly it is a big network of REAL sites on various CMSes that allow you to place links. Im speakign real and variou to make you understand there is real PR6 sites of schools or newspapers there, not some WordPress blogs made by few kinds on Class C hostings. It is a real newtwork for seo with loads of decent sites. How do the sites come to SAPE russian network ? A few ways, and that is where it gets tricky. You will find there lots of sites shared by their owners along with loads of hacked sites or shared by people who just think nobody will care to see they abused their admin rights 😉 Real Blackhat seo at its best. This was a secret kept from foreigners [well im also foreign but thats another story] for long time, now it came live and i assume it might be last weeks of its current power. So i share this article. It is others that let Goole and publicty know about it.. Ill just share it with readers now.

How to Register and Start Campaign in SAPE ?
This is where it gets a bit tricky – wHole site is in Russian. But i will give you some hints on that to do. Even if you think you may not use it now do not be lazy. Register because they may close registrations soon – who knows.. So to register we do:
1. Go to the site
Click the ‘Регистрация’ link on the top right [close to login button’.
2. On the next page tick 1st box, put captcha and click button.
3. On next page put as follows: name, 2nd name, surname. CLick right button
4. Login, 2 times password, Email – click right button.
5. Confirm email and you are done, you have account in SAPE network.
Now making the campaign. To make it easier for yourself get Google Chrome as it will auto translate pages.On the other hand for FIrefox there is SAPE plugin.
Then i suggest to watch their videos, its easy when you have translated page. Why we register to this high pagerank seo network without Chrome? Some russian sites have issues with its translating functions and login may fail and chrome may change you crucial data. I always register with normal browser.

Just 1 thing. To be able to do the stuff you see on video you need to add funds [by credit card ie] – Rubles. $50 is around 1500RUB.

How to Use SAPE Network Efficently ?
Mainly the use is to buy links. You Pay there daily for each links – one costs around 2-3 rubles. Your goal is to choose links total for a keyword + daily drip. How you use this high pagerank sape links it is up to you, but i suggest at least 50 per keyword + not less drip feed than 20 a day. If you want to use them in articles or in footers or post own articles – it is also up to you. Just keep in mind posting own articles is expensive + often sites allow only russian ones. So you may have issues with that.
Other thing to keep in mind is – often pageranks are fake. If you want to place article on PR7 site – check with your hands if it really has such PR. It happends in around 20% situation but still be aware. Also you need to know there will be alot of viagra nad payday links with you on sites [especially cheaper ones] but i wouldnt really worry of it. PR4 link fro m10 years domain, with buy viagra next to you wont do any harm.

Will Google Crush SAPE?
This is hard to tell what happends, i assume they cant do much but as i mentioned earlier – register there now or cry later. Surely Matt Cutts is on it if you read the tweet he made. Thing is this are real sites, often hacked so they cannot deindex them. The ycan either put down their pageranks or trim their link power. Surely they cant just go and dexinedexed everybody they link to or the sites itself so i wouldnt worry too much about penalties. Whats on the stake here is the network may close or just loose power. Anyways i do not tell you to link directly to sites you care. You take the risk. Scared? Not? Then.. REGISTER TO SAPE NOW and get some links!
russian link network

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17 thoughts on “SAPE Russian Network – How to Use, Buy High PageRank Links and Register

  1. Even thought im reading this blog since longer time, and i am on mailing list (which is decent btw), i was a BIG FOOL to not get on Your forum. Sent you email to ask payment details to join.


  2. They have changed the sign up process. There’s a lot of new information that you have to fill in to make an account.

  3. u have to put money inside. do not worry of other stuff after registration. put money and all will work.

  4. ive sent them phot ofro mgoogle images and loaded accoutn with credit card for 200$ works fine 😉
    just load the system with mone yand sites will show up people.

  5. Not bad post. I thought about writing something similar, but there are so many posts about Sape so I just wrote a post about providing sape services.

  6. I registered and have been trying to put money into account. It seemed like the only option is Bank Verification via VISA card which I did. However, my bank doesn’t know how much in Russian Ruble was sent to verify via

    How can I load $$ via Credit card? Please help!

  7. no problem blog is free to read along wih mailings that have extra things too. $50 lifetime for forum is nothing imo 🙂

  8. Can’t trust my real identity with the russians :/
    There is no other option?

  9. Well first of all – russians mostly use Sape for russian search engine Yandex, not for spamming google.

    And second one – links have no footprints, lost of stuff is hidden and that is already going for some time.

    GL for GOogle 🙂

  10. they are now asking for passeport scan and more info, is it exclusive for russian nationals only? and do you still offer funding option?

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