PRIVATE LINKING NETWORK COURSE Starting now – Chapter 1, 2 (Free!)

This was supossed to be posted as a paid course on some forum. I had it fully ready since 2013 but i lost excitement for some time to share SEO infos with people so never made it.
Now i will release parts of this course in my next posts. Some parts will be fully free, some free by using social sharing – some free only for subscribers of the blog.

Can this get saturated?

This method will NEVER get saturated – its impossible for google to track it. If one of you is from big G then here is emoticon for you

The network gets power at least at 50 sites, do not try to use it before or all you will do is damage it. Just wait till its ready.

The network needs money to be made, but after it works – it will pay itself back really easily.

Before doing anything – read whole course. Read it once so you understand what happends and what direction it goes to. Then start making the network following my points.

And last – i will NOT answer PMs/emails. If you have questiion about any part of this course, make a post. This way all members will get same infos.

1. Registering servers

This is actually an simple step. Go for all cheap shared hostings you can find that have fantastico or softalucious [most have] and Cpanel or DIrectAdmin.
I also suggest to get at least few cheap VPSes – they only need to have panel, softalucious costs $10 a year – thats like nothing.

The suggestion is to have for start 1 server at each company – dont double it. Also dont buy biggest packages, go for low unlimited ones and go for worldwide – dont stick just to USA.
Dont waste time – get em now. We want to have as many IPs as possible so dont go for any seo hostings or other shit.

Here is what i suggest, of course if you find other good and cheap things – post here.
1. HostGator and use coupon bhpwnage25 for 25% recurring discount. Get the baby plan.
2. IPXCore with coupon bhpwnage15 for 15% discount and go for their cheap VPS – they have Canada ips.
3. This guys have UK and USA ips in same price:

6. OVH – unmanaged preety cheap dedicated servers

That should be enough for start, but you can also find loads of cheap VPS deals at – the problem is many may have sucky uptime, so the hard part is not only finding hostings but also beeing sure they are stabile. If you know any EUROPEAN hostings also dont be scared, ip in germany or poland doesnt hurt at all.

If you have many sites you can always buy resellers if you have too many sites, but on start i suggest getting shared accounts or small vpses.

Registering domains – Baisc Idea
The idea is to get as many as possible old domains with history, not buying new ones. Of course you can have few new domains but mainly the idea is to have network of stuff that already has power.
Before you buy any domains you need to check if it exists in [if it does then its good] and check their backlinks profile with Ahrefs

Along that you will need account in Namecheap, Godaddy and some other registrars of your preference. The more registrars used then better.

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In next threads i will explain how to get the domains step by step. But for now i will give you a snap – check out this service to hunt decent domains in good price  –


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