Pre Hummingbird and Past Penguin 2.1 SERP Results Comparison

You guys know how to check if there was google update? Visit Algoroo serp monitor. This way whenever you see your sites falling or hear news you can verify if something big goes on over the web or its just you. By checking their graph you can also notice thing we all know – google results constantly change on weekends.
So since i love their serp checker, with help of crew behind the tool we archived daily serps for a few spammy keywords that ive asked for. The great coincidence was that right after we started Humminbird algo update came and few days later – Penguin 2.1. That made this research even cooler and more useful in todays SEO times.

How To Read The Data
Algoroo Google Updates MonitorThis are excell sheets, going from left to right. Due to me beein in Europe and them beein in Australia this is not exactly clear if the data starts at 25th or 26th September. Either way Google`s Humminbird ‘roolout’ starts mostly from column C. Then we had Penguin 2.1 which starts with column F that i colored.
You can see how the search engine results were really changing when updates were running and later on.

Buy Tramadol SERP
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Notice there is many EMD domains for this term, and not that many hacked ones [compared to other pharmacy search results].

Replica Watches SERP
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Not that big changes even after algo update, but of course youtube, amazon and ebay took their spots here.

Cheap Viagra SERP
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This has lots of hacked sites, fluctuations and changes. Very interesting SERP.

More Tramadol and Replicas SEO Data
google hummingbird and penguin 2.1Registered members can get full file with data for replica watches and buy tramadol – more days, information on sites in SERP [social, organic, shop etc].
Just look at the example on what you are getting. You can make your own graphs or just analise it. This is pure data i have for this 2 keywords – almost 600 rows of google seo results data. DOWNLOAD HERE

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2 thoughts on “Pre Hummingbird and Past Penguin 2.1 SERP Results Comparison

  1. the plugin wasnt really hiding anything yesterday yet i shared the post because i love what you do 😉

  2. yes my mistake – or actually not sure why the plugin failed to work like it should. temp fixed it.
    thanx for noticing and the <3

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