PinPioneer – Pinterest Automation Software Review

We will be talking more and more about traffic generation without google because with their algo updates it is a good idea to diversify. Even if you do not care of this topics i suggest to at least read what going on to be prepared for deinxexing of sites or whatever else.This is not a new niche or way to make money but due to some stuff it took me long time to write this blackhat seo review.


Why to Spam Pinterest?
Simply Pinterest is one of the biggest social networks right now, and the best thing is its all build around what internet marketers love the most – products. The second decent thing around it is most of its users are favorite internet marketers target.. WOMEN!
Most popular pins come from this niches:
Food & Drink
DIY & Crafts
Home DΓ©cor
Women’s Apparel
My Life
Weddings & Events
Hair & Beauty
Travel & Places
So how to make money from pinterest? Simply by pinning stuff with your affiliate links and getting followers.

How PinPioneer helps With Pinterest Marketing?
For starters PinPioneer is a very easy and fast app. Even if you have 0 idea of the network or even not been there, you could still use it with success due to tutorials owners make and how easy it is. The main fucntions are:
multiple accounts that can rotate trough task [ie if you want to pin 100 things, all accs can rotate pinning few of the queque]
proxies, well obvious in 2012 but better to always be sure software has it. Id say 1 proxy can be used per up to 7 accounts without a ban.
scraping of pins of others per keyword
– scraping of followers of others
– auto following/unfollowing other pinterest users
– scraping sources to make original pins

That would be stuff you expect with this best pinterest software but this guys get step ahead. With PinPioneer the Ultimate Pinterest Bot you can also upload own picture and watermark them straight from software + schedule actions even for a week or month into the future. This blackhat software is as good for using single legit accounts of ie company as for pure pinterest spamming πŸ™‚

Addons for PinPioneer
Guys who made this app are not first time reviewed on this blog, you can remember ie their Answer Assault Review. That means they update software really often [of course for free!] and care about you making money by answering all questions you may have. With software you get also pdf telling you how to automatically connect many social accounts together to wide-spread your pins, infromation how to make money from pinterest and instructional videos of the software itself. Here is a view of GUI in action, sorry for quality but as a test i did it on my HTC aka Android πŸ™‚

Should you Get This App?
Id say.. Hell yes. Its very cheap, flexible and has loads of features. Even if you are just into linkbuilding and do not want to domainate socials.. guess what Google does index this website and this links are dofollow! So do not hesistate and get on >OFFICIAL SITE OF PINPIONEER to order right now!

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