Payday Mansion Affiliate Program Review – Best Private Payday System

Ypu have traffic? Now you need to monetize it! Lately we could hear about many aff programs that do not pay on time or die withut giving out money to people who earnt them. Thats why from time to time i will mention here selected CPA/CPS/CPL networks that i worked with and can pay daily/weekly/on demand + never fail to do so.

How Payday Loan Affiliate Programs Work ?
Most of you already know it but lets clarify a bit πŸ˜‰ Let`s learn the mechanics so you can understand how such program works vs your usual CPA with constant set pricing per lead. Cash advance loans are very popular among Americans. They are also paving their way to other markets in Europe and other continents. The level of competition in this market is so high that companies use all the marketing methods available to attract customers. Affiliate marketing is one of the most innovative methods of marketing online.
The industry is largely based on lead generation and leads are used in a variety of ways.
Ping trees enable a group of lenders to bid on a lead in real time as it’s generated on an affiliate site. Affiliates (blackhat seo webmasters in our case here) embed an inquiry form (within an iframe) on their sites. This form can be customised so that it conforms to the aesthetics of the affiliate site. This seamless integration helps the affiliate to win the customer’s trust. The customer fills in the form with relevant information and this information goes to a single central hub where lenders can bid for the lead. The lenders can also specify how much they are willing to pay per lead. The highest bidders get first preference.
The affiliate who generated the lead gets commission and the ping tree takes a cut for facilitating the whole process. The lender gets a high quality lead without the huge costs incurred for big marketing campaign, and the client gets a payday loan.

How Payday Loan Affiliate Programs Work ?
Whether you already are an affiliate or aspire to become one, it can be extremely difficult to decide which payday loan affiliate program to join, what with huge competition and plenty of companies struggling to acquire affiliates.
The only way to determine which program pays the highest commissions is to do split tests with them and compare the results. SPeaking shortly we take ie CPVLAB and rotate a few different aff programs to see which pays the most vs clicks or other data it gathers [really massive for tracking PPC, Emailing and SEO imo]. One of the aff programs definitely worth your testing is PaydayMansion.
It is a program focused only on payday loan leads. It offers the best marketing support system and the highest commission for marketed services you can find across the niche. How come? Simply, a company that chooses 10 industries to act it, will not go so far, or it will never be efficient in doing business in all of them. It will need a lot of time to gather people, resources and learn how to be competitive in each of them. PaydayMansion guys did not make this mistake and they target just one niche across a few countries.

Entering Member Area ?
payday mansion invite
So you just want to start checking PaydayMansion ? Thats a no go. It is invite only program – this ways they can cut the lame affiliates and work only with good ones, that somebody else vouches for. About getting free payday mansion invites i will speak more on the end of article. For this part lets say you alredy got one and got approved πŸ˜‰
If approved, you can make use of our Members Area. In the dashboard inside it, you can check all statistics and info about your earnings, as well as advice and promotional material. The dashboard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. For help call the team on SKype, ICQ or ticket. They do reply on sundays πŸ˜‰

Ways To Make Money with PaydayMansion
Here is where it gets interesting – they will let you use all blackhat traffic you want to gather leads – banners, landing pages, PPC campaigns, e-mail marketing, mobile applications, popups, pop-unders or in some cases social media and job lists. So its a craiglist safe affiliate program. Of course they have many decent Lps – both private and public that you can use and choose from. Highly optimatized. They also have apps for phones which allow people to check hot payday offers and you get % of their possible loans – preety unique deal. People who can make over 1k$ a day wil lget their extra tools – private linkbuilding networks, latest seo and ppc case studies and more. It is worth testing them out. How is SEO for payday loans? I a big case study about that here lately so dont ask me twice πŸ˜‰

How to Get Invite for Payday Mansion ?
Program is decent and i split-tested it on my USA traffic – it did pay more than other top and more know networks – but try yourself. How? Email me, comment here with your real email PM on forum about how much traffic a day you generate in paydays for US or UK and i will just let you in. I have many invites to PaydayMansion program for Blackhatpwnage readers just waiting to be used!

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8 thoughts on “Payday Mansion Affiliate Program Review – Best Private Payday System

  1. I am running approximately 5500-6000 Unique Clicks per day through my Pay Day Loan campaigns.

    If I get an invitation I would set up a new campaign with Pay Day Mansion, so that I can compare how they perform against my current network.

  2. Hey,

    I am interested to get an invite and start using PDMansion, right know I work with CJ and a smaller private network and it’s time to upgrade πŸ™‚

    You got my email.


  3. Hi,

    For now working with t3 and pingtree – about 2k uu / day. Try with mansion will be new challenge but need invite;)

  4. Hey,

    I am currently running cpa offers and going ok but really want to step it up this looks like its right up my ally get me in and lets crank it up!

  5. I generate 5000 PPV on my payday CPA offers. I will split testing once I got approved so I could send more traffic through TV.

  6. Hi,

    Can you give me an invitation code? I am new to paydays, but would like to start and I know SEO, I have been working as SEO since 2004.
    I would be grateful for the code, please e-mail me with it πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

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