Link Pipeline Review and Discount – The Best Backlinks Indexing System

We all know links matter only if they have power, and power = beeing indexed and known to Google. Ive tried various systems and found this one working preety well and the guys were nice enough to give all reads a discount. So check my tests of LinkPipeline!

Indexing vs Penguin
link pipeline reviewI hope its obvious for everybody that links have to be indexed, and pure pinging wont just do it anymore in 90% cases. Past penguin we need to backlinks all backlinks we make – just the domains trust rank wont make up for PR n/a but it should be done smart. You can just take all your links and try to index them in 24h. Thats where Link Pipeline comes. They will try to index your links over and over till they make it or decide they cant. Speaking shortly – your links will have a few days and a few sources of posts to them which will make it very natural looking.
This backlinks indexing service not only sends your links but checks if they are in google or need more links + you get full stats. Speaking shortly it means theres literally no footprint on the links because 1 can get few posts in 2 days and one can have posts coming for 5 days.

Using Link Pipeline
System of Link Pipeline is as simple as it could be. Paste links, check whats indexed, whats not and see stats. All that done with nice web 2.0 graphic and simple panel. See LinkPipeline Review of GUI and usage on the youtube video below.

Reasons to get Link Pipeline
1. It looks great
2. It works great and has no footprints on indexing
3. It has full stats of what its doing, you know if the job is done or not
4. It has auto-integration with many backlink building programs ie GSA Seach Engine Ranker
5. All readers of blog get it with 30% discount with THIS OFFICIAL LINK

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