Google New Algorithm February 2011 Blackhat way

Allright this is gonna be not even technique but a bit of information on what happened so far and what to do due to the big Google alghoritm changes in last days [24th february].

What was happening lately in Google ?
For start there was last PageRank update at january 20th, this mumbled SERPs a bit, then we had something that many so called SEO Gurus didnt even notice – around 10th february first changes came to Google which droped alot of parasites and doorways from the results. Alot of pharmacy spammers noticed that. Original source can be read here and its called farmers alghoritm.
The other thing mentioned somewhere between was Google will take more care of social media sites and their results that You can read here.

What changed now
After all this latest search engine changes came the final one, that for starters will make more people use Chrome [everybody who does whitehat or blackhat SEO will need to login there sometimes] and will clean up google results by humans who gonna teach googlebot how to recognize fake content/content farms/total spam. People started noticing big drops in positions/rankings since 24th feb when the alghoritm update came.

Blackhat SEO solutions to Google Alghoritm Changes to Keep The Ranks

How to blackhat google

Obviously its too early to speak, but people are testing loads blackhatseo/greyhat seo tricks and techniques with more or less success. Surely plain links in forum profiles from Xrumer nor usual blog commenting wont be much of use anymore. Same with spun articles that were populated into 100s of others. Just check how Ezinearticles lost 90% of its traffic and ranks because the articles were so populated on other spots.
Here is some ideas of what will surely help You keep the ranks and what might put You into trouble with Google.
Start using Facebbok or other social sites or simply buy TweetAttacks along with their Twitter Accounts Creator (no longer sold sorry!). This way You will be getting loads of traffic from Twitter itself and also seems all social meda sites links help ranking in G for now. Make thousands of accounts, make them follow and unfollow people and themselves and then start tweeting the links.
Start mailing. If You are mail spam skilled then You know how, if not good spot to start is to get Mail Mascot. Mailing is never dependable on search engine results meaning – the more You mail the more You get. Choose niche, harvest mails and send 😉 I just want to mention its not legal to mail people You dont know 😉
Since anchored profiles wont really work anymore the good thing is Backlinks Genie has also option of automatically making Web 2.0 sites in small volumes [15-50] and interlinking everything. Theres also option of making articles and putting to article directories. Just dont populate too many spun articles of same kind.
For last there is Link Farm Evolution that might be having its come back this time. Put Your WPMU sites to groups of 20-60 then run the built in hooks modified with marchov chain and google translate. All this stuff and scripts can be found on LFE forum. This way every article in the series of autoblogs will be on same topic but will be totally unique so content farm wont be nicked that easily.

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7 thoughts on “Google New Algorithm February 2011 Blackhat way

  1. whoa, iglow, isnt it too early to be saying xrumer profile links are useless? everyones claiming all sorts of links are useless now because they’re thin of content, even high PR commenting. Why not just plump up the xrumer links?

  2. its not like they do not count at all, they just count totally less. this is said after chekcing alot of doors/sites. everything that ranked MOSTLY due to comments and profiles dropped for now.

    also after doing tests in last 5 days seems every article that was spun too much makes just 1 or 2 of sites using it to rank anywhere, all others aint even getting indexed.

    autoblogs is wide topic. if you know how ot make them properly u can fool even a human sometimes 🙂

  3. forum profiles which have not come up in angela/terry etc etc lists still have weight. you just need to harvest your own lists.speaking from experience and testing after the algo change.

  4. secretboy maybe u would like to send me some case study?

    im willing to make a test for next post or so – make a website and link only with mass prestige poster + drip feed blast profiles.

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