Google Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 Changes in SEO – Casino, Pharmacy, SEO Services and More!

This is the last post of series where im showing ranks that changes in-between Google updates of Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1. The other two are located HERE and HERE.
There is one more free thing – ive made first part of my Google Trust Rank Exploit Ebook Free, so get it, if you missed it!

How To Read The Data
Algoroo Google Updates MonitorThis are excell sheets [actually OpenOffice this time], Due to me beein in Europe and DejanSEO guys that helped with this, arein Australia this is not exactly clear if the data starts at 25th or 26th September. Either way Google`s Humminbird ‘rollout’ starts mostly from 3rd day. Then we had Penguin 2.1 which starts with 6th day
You can see how the search engine results were really changing when updates were running and later on. If you are lazy you have to change extension so excell reads it. Because many of you asked me to just put full infos without making it vertical, so here – unlike in other seo posts, you have just info as 3 columns – but also way more days than before [for free users!].

Buy Generic Cialis – Google Results
Another version of the huge pharmayc keyword data.
Notice that despite updates some domains there are strong all the time. Possibly hand chosen by Google moderators.

USA Casino No Deposit Bonus – Search Results
You think ranking pharmacy of weight loss is hard? Try this niche, even with such big tail.

Almost all websites are legit and runned by big companies. Very interesting chart to see.

Extra Keywords Only For Paid Members
This part is only for subscribed members of blog [login on the left!]. Unlike in old post – this tiem this data is totally different than 2 others choosen. Here you guys can see google penguin and hummingbird results for:
@ seo company for
@ payday loans no credit check for
@ cash advance online for
@ buy tramadol for
@ weight loss for

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