FightBack Network Review – Private Blogs Network to Gain Top SERP Rankings

This is first time im speaking of blog network instead of tool to create backlinks. And even tho people might be scared of using public blog networks, this guys did it different and stayed safe with rankings even Google after updates. X6DAZWAFS4U6

Fightback Network – What is Unique Here?
There were many open linknetwork killed by Google in latest updates but Fightback stayed alive because of their unique way of running the network. To put it in few words. You buy monthly access to the system [i wont be using word network because it may mess up your understanding later on], then you look at already created networks in the system and what kind of things you must meet to join them [min pagerank, topic etc]. After that you add own domains on own hostings to the blog network system and apply to the choosen networks. 1 domain = 1 post a day for you on each network. The tricky part is 1 domain can only be in one network so speaking shortly – for every domain you add to apply to the system you get daily one post on somebodys else domains. This is not some spammy spot where you pay and can get 1000s of spun posts. Actually you will not get any spun posts – all content posted there is unique. Either you write it and look for edits or their tool does it [auto writes articles on your topic], but theres no way of puttign 1 article in spintax format and posting it to few blogs. If you dont have any pagerank domains – its not a problem, you can legit PR1 ones straight from the panel for as little as $20.

Using The Network
As i said in Fightback Network there is no way to make 10s of posts withing 1 click of a button. Every post you submit is human moderated – if it sucks you need to review it again. This way the networks quality is high and with few approved posts in niche specific networks you can get really nice rankings. Some people on their forum even spoke of getting their rankisn back just by using FBN on their penalised sites. I didnt have enough time to check this but what i did check is that quality of posts and the power of BLN really kicks ass – hence i decided to review it. To cut posting to steps its as simple as:
1. Add your domains, install wordpress and their plugin
2. Join network
3. Choose posts number to generate, your websites and anchors.
4. Review the posts [usually you have to change tags, move the link and add a picture or video]
5. Save and wait for it to be posted.
You Do get exact urls of your posts, so you can link them in future or do whatever.

Join FBN!
If you dont have bigass network of your own or if you want some diversity – join FBN without thinking. Its preety cheap and cant hurt to try. There is many networks there with PR0 domains allowed too. Why google didnt get on it yet? Because they would actually have to buy domains, get hostings, install WP and then spendign time making posts to get few sites a day. Speaking shortly – too much work to scrape the network, and actually its almost impossible to get all its domains. So try it out and see your ranking raise. Get on FightBack Networks Official Site and start using the system.

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