Video Marketing Software

Allright guys this is NOT a blackhat tool. But this is one of the coolest tools out there in the market and You can find LOADS of uses for it. Im sure many of You guys want to make webistes more attractive by putting some videos on them or maybe You earn from Youtube the blackhat way 😉 [i think now im obligated to write a post about this techniques? ;)]. Allright lets get to the point.

Article Video Robot
This is a really killer tool. With few clicks of mouse Article Video Robot will make You a pro video from any of Your texts – from blog, stolen from other sites or whatever. Read the rest

How to Get on the First Page of Digg With Your Article/Website

This post will be visible to others after some time, now only people from the newsletter are allowed to see it, so you are the first to exploit the blackhatseo method. This is called Social Media Optimatization aka SMO. Just the greyhat way.

front page of digg

What blackhat trick will we learn here ?

We will learn how to be on main page of for our niche [technology/news/polics etc].
You may get article to front page of whole digg service also [watch out thiso gives 8k+ hits in a hour, can kill your server]. Front page of niche gives around 2k per hour – easier to stand. Read the rest