How to rank Raspberry Ketone and Credit Report in Google – SERP Results past Hummingbird & Penguin 2.1 Algo Updates

After previous hummingbird vs penguin post, here is another one. The data is for msame time as before just keywords changed. Hope you guys will like it as before and find ways to rank sites after hummingbird and penguin 2.1 due to this seo data. This time we will check two long tail keywords.

How To Read The Data
Algoroo Google Updates MonitorThis are excell sheets [actually OpenOffice this time], going from left to right. Due to me beein in Europe and them beein in Australia this is not exactly clear if the data starts at 25th or 26th September. Either way Google`s Humminbird ‘rollout’ starts mostly from column C. Read the rest

Pre Hummingbird and Past Penguin 2.1 SERP Results Comparison

You guys know how to check if there was google update? Visit Algoroo serp monitor. This way whenever you see your sites falling or hear news you can verify if something big goes on over the web or its just you. By checking their graph you can also notice thing we all know – google results constantly change on weekends.
So since i love their serp checker, with help of crew behind the tool we archived daily serps for a few spammy keywords that ive asked for. The great coincidence was that right after we started Humminbird algo update came and few days later – Penguin 2.1. Read the rest

How to cheat next Google Penguin 2.1+ updates, be safe and Rank top10 easily – SEO Method

This is type of not do it at blackhat seo home theory or do at your own risk 😉 That is why im hiding the post form public because im not trying to make public do that. This is just idea of how can this be done and why it will work. It is an loophole that after some updates might be fixed and there is already many people using it now but in quiet circles.

How Do Google`s Penguin Updates Work
As we know Panda was for onsite factors, while Penguin is pure offsite – speaking shortly penguin is about links. Read the rest

List of exprired PR3+ domains ready to be registered

Lately people are looking more and more for aged domains that have backlinks and pagerank. They are perfect for creation new sites or using with secure private blog networks like FBN. Here is a fresh just PR + availability tested list of ready to gregister .com .net and .org domains that actually have their Pagerank. Read the rest

How to Rank in Google – Top10 SERP Tracking for Payday Loans, Pharmacy, Ecigs and Insurance – Real Case Study

Google been doing so many changes in algorithms, re-rollings and such so its hard to track whats going on anymore. During last 30 days i was constantly checking the serps on 100s of keywords to find out – what ranks, who ranks and.. why do they rank.
This is propably one of the seo posts that took me most time to write, but you will see here real day-by-day chaning serp results in at a few very interesting keyword phrases from niches like insurance, loans, pharmacy and ecigarettes + full commentary of whats going on there and why using my mind, some public and some less known research tools. Read the rest

Get Permanent PR2+ Links for $1-5 – Unique Method

After latest google updates what counts most are high pagerank/trustrank links. Usually you cant get them free [especially that reciprocal or guest blogging is not allowed], so here is few more or less legit ways to get decent high pagerank links almost free. This is mostly perfect for whitehats. Read the rest