Mass Link Pinging Tool

Allright im a bit busy lately but i have at least 1 more great product to review really soon, 2 techniques to write and what not.. Today we will hit with something really small, but preety important.


What is Pinging ?
Mainly pinging is letting the crawl bots to know the site was updated. WordPress and some other tools do it ‘themselves’, but they do it just once after post and thats it. Bots dont always come so fast. Thats why we have blackhat seo tools to help our luck of indexing new content the a bit greyhat seo way. Read the rest

Automated Backlink Building Blackhat Software

Mass Prestige Poster
Allright it took some time but its ready, the 100% automated one way linkbuilding spammer is hitting the market today. And of course this blackhat blog has information on it as first.. You could expect that right? If You dont want to read this review just go to Mass Prestige Poster webiste and read specs there. Here i will give some short info on the usage of it.

How does MPP differ from other software ?
It is 100% windows based linkbuilder, runs as exe file. There is really not much of those around, you could say there is Xrumer. Read the rest

Free Pinging Software

This time i unlocked the post, but some posts will always be locked for people who didnt join my mailing list.

Anyways today i will share with you a free pinger tool.
Ive been looking around and most of free pinging software had some kind of limits of sites or so.. So i made this one. It will automatically ping pingomatic, bing and some others.

.txt file with Proxies [host:port] – if you dont have proxy put or localhost:80.. depends on setup.
.txt file with sites to ping – 1 by line [for example your whole Link Farm Evolution blog farm:) ]
loops number – lets say you want the software to make a few rounds of site pining with software, then put there a number. Read the rest

Link Farm Evolution Review

Allright time for Link Farm Evolution review.. You guys know me. If i review something it means its worth it. Lets go!

What is Link Farm Evolution ?
Ever wonder hot to make blog link farm? Now you have LFE blackhat seo tool to do it for you! Everything goes smooth, fast and what matters most – AUTOMATED!

This is plain simple and brilliant [that usually goes together nahmean?] tool for creating massive linkfarms on freehosts. What does that mean ? It means that with a few clicks of your mouse by using Link Farm Evolution you can have blogs automatically made on WordPress MU [multi user] hostings, Tumblr, Blogspot and post your articles/comments on a big bunch of Pligg sites [this system i dont use, so cant elaborate more]. Read the rest

Free Blackhat Software – WordPress Comment Spammer + Link Verifier

As i promised this post is closed and i will not open it for people that didnt subscribe to mailing list. If you want you can share tool with your friends who dont have their own spammers but please dont copy it publicly to any blog or so. – edit, the blackhat post is opened now after some months.

What is WP Spammer for ?

WordPress is most worldwide spread CMS on the internet, and allows you to put anchor [as a name] and url [as a website] in comments field. Many blogs are not moderated, dont have captcha and have high PR. Read the rest